HOWTO: Install aircrack-ng on Raspberry Pi

Step 1: open a terminal, create a new download folder or use your already existing.

mkdir Downloads

cd Downloads

Step 2: install an OpenSSL dependency of aircrack-ng.

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

If you won’t do that you will run into this error later:

fatal error: openssl/hmac.h: No such file or directory

Step 3: install SubVersion

sudo apt-get install subversion

Step 4: download the aircrack sourcecode

svn co aircrack-ng

Step 5: Change directory to aircrack-ng

cd aircrack-ng

Step 6: pray that you get no errors and type


Step 7: install

sudo make install

Step 8: Done


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  1. Gee the Rabid Inventor

    svn co aircrack-ng
    no longer works

    svn co aircrack-ng

  2. you are aware that both links are the same right ?!?

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