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Definition: Cloud Computing Deutsch (NIST)

Cloud Computing ist ein Modell, das es ermöglicht allgegenwärtig, bequem und On-Demand Netzwerkzugang zu einem gemeinsame…..


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Raspberry Pi Fix: unable to open files list file for package: Input/output error

This is how to fix:

unable to open files list file for package *****: Input/output error

1. cd /var/lib/dpkg
2. cp status stauts.backup
3. sudo nano status
4. ctrl + w for SEARCH enter the package name example “python2.6-minimal”
5. Delete the complete package block (with ctrl-k you can remove a complete line)
example (removed context)

Package: <*****>
Status: purge ok installed
Priority: optional
Section: kde
Installed-Size: 1234
Maintainer: Bla Bla <>
Architecture: all
Source: oxygen-icons
Version: 1:2.3.5-0rasp1~berry1
Suggests: kdebase (>= 1:2.3.4-1)
Description: Bla la bla
Original-Maintainer: Peter Püppel <>

6. Save: ctrl + o …. enter …. ctrl + x …for exit
7. sudo dpkg –configure -a
8. sudo apt-get -f install
9. sudo apt-get install your_package

HowTo: Raspberry Pi configure network to DHCP/static for dummies

Ok, you want to
1. First go to /etc/network/

cd /etc/network/

2. than open the interfaces file

nano interface

3. normally there should be a line like this:

iface eth0 inet <mode>

if you want to change the eth0 interface to dhcp just type

iface eth0 inet dhcp

if you want to use a static ip adress type:

iface eth0 inet dhcp

Raspberry Pi MongoDB Setup

MongoDB on Raspberry Pi is a nice thing. But you can’t simply install the normal version. Fortunately someone still provide a special pi version. The MongoPi !

1.  Install git and others

sudo apt-get install git-core build-essential scons libpcre++-dev xulrunner-dev libboost-dev libboost-program-options-dev libboost-thread-dev libboost-filesystem-dev

2. clone the git mongo pi repository

git clone git://

3. go in the folder were mongopi is located

cd mongopi

4. wait (it take about 2,5 h)

5. the actual installation 😉 (it will be installed to /opt/mongo/ )

sudo scons --prefix=/opt/mongo install

6. Add MongoPI the the Path Variable

export PATH


1. Run this command:


2. (if your are running into a error saying that the path /data/db does not exist – simply create it)

cd /
sudo mkdir /data/
cd data/
sudo mkdir db

… be continued…..

How to fix: Androids ADB devices are offline or empty list

The Problem is that adb devices shows an empty list or shows devices that are offline.

There are two checklists that will – or might be – help to fix the problem.

  1. Checklist Your Device:
    (a.) Make sure that your USB debugging option is activated in the Developer options.
    (b.) Make sure the usb cable that you use is not defective.
    (c.) (optionally) go to [ Settings -> Storage -> Menu -> USB computer connection] (path can be different on your device) and deactivate MTP and PTP.
    (d.) restart your phone.
  2. Checklist Your PC / MAC:
    (a.) make sure your adb is up to date. (type: adb version and check in the internet if its the newest version) if not download the newest android sdk.
    (b.) type: adb kill-server (wait a sec) adb start-server
    (c.) (MAC only) if you connect the device and a “Connection BlaBla Window” pops up try this command: sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/EasyTetherUSBEthernet.kext
    (d.) type: adb devices
  3. (Optional) If you use Eclipse:
    (a.)  Help –> Check for Updates (best you update all)
    (b.) Open the Android SDK Manager and update all