How to fix: Androids ADB devices are offline or empty list

The Problem is that adb devices shows an empty list or shows devices that are offline.

There are two checklists that will – or might be – help to fix the problem.

  1. Checklist Your Device:
    (a.) Make sure that your USB debugging option is activated in the Developer options.
    (b.) Make sure the usb cable that you use is not defective.
    (c.) (optionally) go to [ Settings -> Storage -> Menu -> USB computer connection] (path can be different on your device) and deactivate MTP and PTP.
    (d.) restart your phone.
  2. Checklist Your PC / MAC:
    (a.) make sure your adb is up to date. (type: adb version and check in the internet if its the newest version) if not download the newest android sdk.
    (b.) type: adb kill-server (wait a sec) adb start-server
    (c.) (MAC only) if you connect the device and a “Connection BlaBla Window” pops up try this command: sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/EasyTetherUSBEthernet.kext
    (d.) type: adb devices
  3. (Optional) If you use Eclipse:
    (a.)  Help –> Check for Updates (best you update all)
    (b.) Open the Android SDK Manager and update all

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