HowTo: Setup RaspberryPi with OpenVPN Client

I recently set up a VPN Server on an EasyBox 904 xDSL. After that i wanted to connect my Raspberry Pi to it. Since it was not in my local network I registered an free Dyndns at Of course i had to enter this data in the EasyBox Updater.

I also downloaded the Certificate and the OpenVPN Credentials from the EasyBox. So the Files i had were:

rootca.crt (not sure if necessary)

Ok, now I show you how I installed and configured OpenVPN Client on my Raspberry Pi. Just to be sure update+upgrade. In case you didn’t know. Update is for refreshing the package list. Upgrade checks if there are old packages installed on your system and updates them.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Next command will install openvpn.

sudo apt-get install openvpn

Now you have to copy the files (.ovpn, .p12, crt) to /etc/openvpn/
I normally use Cyberduck (Mac) or WinSCP (Win) for copy files to my raspberry pi via ssh. So i drop them in /home/pi/ and move them with: sudo mv /home/pi/filename.end /etc/openvpn/

Now load the vpn profile:

sudo openvpn johnsmith.ovpn

Please check if ifconfig shows tap0 with IP. For me the IP for tap0 was missing. To solve this issue enter:

sudo dhclient tap0


If you would like to connect automatically on startup. Edit this file with your vpn profile:

nano /etc/default/openvpn

Sometime your client fails to load .ovpn ! Just rename it to .conf !


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