HowTo: Raspberry Pi mount SMB Share

If you want to mount a SMB Share in your Network this short Tutorial might be helpful for you.

Lets say the SMB Folder, “myFolder”,  is on a pc with the ip
It is ptrotected with username “Peter” and password “miller123”.

On you Raspberry, type:

smbclient -U Peter -L
… it will ask you for the password (miller123).

to see all shares. It should also show the share “myFolder”. Now we will Create a Folder on the Pi to mount the share to it.

sudo mkdir /mnt/theFolder

To actually mount “myFolder” type:

sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/theFolder -o username=Peter

add -r for READ ONLY

That’s it. You can now go to /mnt/theFolder and check your remote files.

cd /mnt/theFolder
ls -la

Have Fun.


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