How to: Build you own Bluetooth Low Energy IBeacon for 10 $ DIY

IBeacons become more and more popular but most companys charge about 30$ for them. Thats way to much, so lets to it ourselves.
But first… the Shoppinglist:

HM-10 ( 6,50$
Battery Holder for Coincells ( 0,20$
Protoboard ( 0,60$
Steel Pins ( 1,50$
CR2025 CoinCell  1,00$

HM10 BLE Module

HM10 BLE Module

First we should have a look in the datasheet (HM10 are made by and search for this graphic:

HM-10 Wiring

HM-10 Wiring

Important for us are actually only UART_TX, UART_RX, GND and 3.3V. If you want you can also use pin23 and pin24 to have leds on you beacon. But using the leds will cost energy.

Next we take the steel pins and bend them in a way that they match the indentations on the HM-10 board. Than we can start soldering.

HM-10 soldered to pins

I also soldered some pins on the right side of the HM-10 this give more stability and it won’t break so fast.
We also need Pins to connect them to a serial interface and flash new firmware or configure the module.

DIY IBeacon with HM-10

to be continued … 🙂


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  1. Hi
    Any chance hang part 2 for flashing the firmware? 🙂

  2. Sorry for the Mac autocorrection 🙂
    Any chance having the part 2 with firmware flashing ?
    Thank you

  3. Wonderful article! I am subscribing your challenge.
    And I have an ask.
    If you don’t mind, please upload also the photo that include the back side of protoboard.

  4. Great article.
    I got so inspired I put together a document on what I did.


      Thanks a lot Alex,
      your doc is really great. And you described it in every detail.
      PS: I dont understand why Beacons still (in 2016) are so expensive even the BLE technology is available since 2009..

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