Problem/Solution Collection Epson PS-100 with Android Review

Actually every owner of the Epson PS-100 has problems with the device. It seems that the software (firmware and app) on the PS-100 is only half-baked. My PS-100 is still running the version 1.01. Yes I know there is a firmware Update to version 1.10 but the app is not able to install it. (See Update form 05.02.2015 on Firmware Update) 

Update: since the latest Update (FW + APP) from 1. March it works without any problems.

Screenshot of the PULSENSE View Website

Screenshot of the PULSENSE View Website

So i will Update this Article every time I found a solution for a problem OR if anyone of you posting something useful in the comments.

Pairing with PS-100
In the US Epson FAQ for PS-100 they write:
* Check if your phone supports BLE/Bluetooth 4.0/Bluetooth Smart.
* Check if Bluetooth is enabled in the settings.
* If your PS-100 was paired with a different phone you need to unpair it by putting it into the charging cradle and tap on the PS-100 until the blue LED flashes.

Android Bluetooth Share

Android Bluetooth Share

Tip 1: I never successfully paired my Nexus 4 with my PS-100 when it was not in the charging cradle. Would be interesting to know what are your experiences. I’m running Android 5.0.1 by the way.

Tip 2: From a “How to fix Bluetooth issues on Android 5.0.1” I got this tip:
* Settings -> Apps –> Swipe to All -> “Bluetooth Share” –> Clear Cache or Even Clear Data –> Restart

Tip 3: Accept the “Trusted Device” Request.

Tip 4: Read PS-100 Amazon Reviews – Till now nothing interesting. But from my experience one can sometimes find useful informations there.

Ok now we are well prepared. So the Epson Support recommended me to reinstall the app.
So Step 1: Reinstall the Epson PULSENSE App (I got Version 1.0.5) and place the PS-100 in the charging cradle.

On the Internet I also found the old Version 1.0.4. I never tried it out. But if some of you, it would be interesting to know if it’s works with the older version. The download link is here it’s powered by Epson Germany or Europe.

Epson PULSENSE 1.0.5 Android

Epson PULSENSE 1.0.5 Android

Step 2: Starting the Epson PULSENSE View Android App and login and jump to the Paring Dialog. By the way you can create your account the Epson website.

Step 3: For me the app always found the device except when it was still paired with another smart phone. Sometimes you have to tap on the device but then it should be in the list.

Step 4: Now the hardest part – pair your device. So here I randomly tap on the PS-100, click on register and go to the Android Bluetooth Settings and try to pair there (even if they don’t recommend that). Normally I get this message:

First: Type the paring code then press Return or Enter. [PAIR]

Than: Request was rejected by PS-100.

Than: Error code: 20-0101-0018. An unexpected error occurred.

Other Error Messages
Error code: 20-0101-1002
My Interpretation: PS-100 seems to be out of reach or in standby.
Shake/Tap it to wake it up.

After a time I also restart my Nexus 4. And after a long time works. Pretty sad way to pair your Epson Bluetooth device.

Fun fact: When i paired the PS-100 the first time when it was new, it worked like a charm.

Firmware Update
Error code: 10-6110-0999
The firmware download failed. If this issue cannot be resolved, please contact the support center.
Seems to work on IPhone, so maybe ask a friend if you can use his IPhone (since 4S, …) to install the firmware update. I will do so this week and report about it here.

Also here the Epson support told me to reinstall the app. But than i have to pair the device again. NO WAY!

Update 05.02.2015:
I tried it with a IPhone 6 and after 2 times pair and unpair the update WORKED ! So far I could not notice any change!

Epson Pulsense Firmware Update with IPhone

Epson Pulsense Firmware Update with IPhone

Notification Features:
Even with Firmware version 1.10 I was not able to get any notifications. No call-, no email- no calendar-notification. Any Ideas ?!

Update 08.02.2015: After restarting my Phone I noticed that the PS-100 was missing in the list of the paired devices on my Bluetooth System Settings. From that moment on I’m getting email and call notifications ! So it’s working !!! 

PS-100 Smart Phone Link - Notifications

PS-100 Smart Phone Link – Notifications

Fitness Tracker Apps:
I successfully tested the Epson PS-100 with Endomondo and Runtastic on my Nexus 4. It was not that easy to connect the Fitness Tracker to the App. I first put the PS-100 in the charging cradle than I tapped on it. I removed it form the cradle and again tapped on it. Than it was blinking like the Knight Rider Car. After I started Endomondo and Runtastic I go to settings and was searching for  Bluetooth Smart devices. (Did you know? Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Smart all means the same). The Epson PS-100 appeared in the list and i could connect to it by clicking on it. It was asking for pair (even it was already paired).

Epson PS-100 with Endomondo Runtastic

Epson PS-100 with Endomondo Runtastic

To be continued…


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  1. Thanks for your tips! I had the same issus with PS-500, but with no iPhone 6… I finally found out that the PS Uploader Ver. 1.0.2 on Windows 7 was able to update te firmware…

  2. Still can’t pair with phone.
    By chance it paired with my iPhone 6 after numerous tries. Now I pass this PS-100 to my mom and it refuses to successfully pair with her iPhone 5 after I removed it from previous iPhone. It shows PS-100 for pairing but the error code kept popping out. Very frustrating! How can it be so hard to pair?!

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